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    How to Get Miley Cyrus Wavy Hair

    It’s not just teenage girls and tweens who want to learn how to get Miley Cyrus wavy hairstyles. 

    Short wavy blonde

    If you want this look, good news; you have several options for completing it. 

    First, if you have long blonde hair, you can style your hair in this style. 

    To do that, you will need to follow these six simple steps:

    1. Prepare Your Hair

    With your hair completely dry, thoroughly brush your hair. 

    woman brushing dry hair

    Make sure you are using a tangle-free hairbrush.

    A tangle-free brush is specially designed for any hair prone to tangles. 

    Janeke hairbrush

    Unlike other hairbrushes, a tangle-free hairbrush removes knots and tangles without pulling and tugging. 

    Using the proper hairbrush reduces hair breakage and overall damage. 

    In addition, a tangle-free brush is vital for growing healthy, tangle-free locks.

    2. Set Hairstyle with Jumbo Hot Rollers

    Get some large hair rollers. 

    women in pajamas and jumbo rollers

    Be sure you get the type of hair rollers that are easy to remove from your hair. 

    For example, some rollers are better at not just reaching the style you want, but their design makes them less likely to damage your hair. 

    jumbo roller sizes

    Significant hair rollers are great for thick and long hair. 

    In addition, jumbo rollers help gain extensive waves for that red carpet, seductive look. 

    Miley Cyrus Grammy's hairstyle

    That is the kind you want to get since the heat of curling your hair is bad enough. 

    With the jumbo hair rollers, you can make seamless curls or wavy hair flowing effortlessly in the same direction.

    3. Curling Your Hair 

    Start on one side of your head and take small sections of hair. 

    Use pins and clips to help keep sections divided. 

    women in pajamas and jumbo rollers

    Roll the hair in the curling iron as far as possible with the jumbo rollers. 

    Keep working your way around your head until you have curled all your hair. 

    remove jumbo rollers

    Hold it for about 8 to 10 seconds.

    Let your hair cool, and remove the rollers. 

    free clamp hair curl

    If you don’t want all of your hair tips to be curled, then take some sections, and wrap them around the barrel without using the clamp. 

    Release hair after 10 seconds.

    4. Use a Curling Iron with a Large Barrels

    Get the same look using a curling iron with a big barrel. 

    curling iron types

    Curling irons come in several types. 

    Keep in mind that heat damages your hair.

    damage hair

    So metal plated curling irons will cause more damage from the heat and make hair brittle over time.

    Remember, if you use a curling iron, you only have to leave it on the hair for 8 to 10 seconds. 

    So do your best and still fulfill the look you want. 

    5. Time to Set Your Curls!

    After removing the curling iron or curlers from your hair, gently run your fingers through your hair to soften the curls. 

    fingers through hair

    Doing this will soften the curls and give your hair a tousled look. 

    6. Protect Your Hair

    Finish with holding spray to keep the curls for a longer time. 

    hairspray with curls

    Keeping your hair in place will help you undo any damage you’ve done to it. 

    Any heat damage to your hair, be sure to deep condition your hair commonly and use a moisturizing shampoo to restore any lost moisture.

    Bonus: Using Hair Extensions

    If you don’t have long, blond hair and still want to learn how to do your hair similar to Miley Cyrus, you can get hair extensions to achieve this look. 

    Hair extensions

    Hair extensions are trendy and support you to get the length you want, even if it is temporary. 

    Hair extensions can last up to 6 weeks if applied correctly and properly cared for. 

    They are connected with glue, and there can be a significant difference in the extensions’ quality and the glue used for your hair. 

    Tip: Hair extensions will fall out over time.

    glued hair extensions

    A little over here and a little over there, so you get frequent hair trims to keep it looking right and to cover any ‘holes’ from where an extension has fallen out. 

    Give It a Try

    Now that you have learned how to do Miley Cyrus’ wavy hair, it’s up to you to find the best look. 

    Keep in mind that you will have a slightly easier time with this look if your hair is already long and healthy.

    But even if it’s not, you can still get the hairstyle you want.